Get Ready to Create a Great Work with DIY Night Stand or Wardrobe

Have you ever thought of making a night stand or cupboard? Do you think you need a lot of things to create a great closet? Or do you think this might be a very difficult thing? It is definitely not difficult and you will only need a few items. And instead of paying tens of dollars, you can create a great locker for just a few dollars.
Take wide and up to 1.5 meters of tall wood. Screw it between one long and vertical piece of wood that you can install on both sides. Glue the chests, legs and brackets you purchased from Joanns to the last remaining parts, respectively. That’s it. Now you have a great cupboard in your hand.


DIY bookcase, night stand, or storage - super easy! Crates from Joanns $8.99 with coupons=$18.00 - legs and brackets from Home depot, each leg $2.98 each bracket $2.98=$24.00 - metal brace 4 for $1.98. Total $42.00 1. attached brackets and legs to bottom crate. Screw in with slightly smaller screws wood can crack easily. 2 - Use wood glue to secure crates together 3 - add metal braces to backsides 4 - lightly sand and paint! An easy and affordable way to create storage!
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