How About Creating A Creative DIY Rabbit With Your Kids? Who Cares If It’s Beautiful?

How about sewing a great DIY rabbit for your kids? Long ears, red cheeks and a great lip! Pretty exciting isn’t it? What you need to design a great rabbit for your newborn is something that can be found in every home. Scissors, needles, thread, fabrics of different colors and a piece of linen fabric. 2 buttons.
First, let’s draw our linen piece in a way that resembles a rabbit picture. Let’s go around that drawing twice and sew them both back to back. Next, let’s take a piece of the other fabric in the mouth and sew it. Let’s go over with black thread for how many. But his eyes can be sewn. Let’s put a few stitches on his long tail. That’s it.

Mini Hase nähen.. Kuschelhase für Babys - super Geschenk zur Geburt. Kann man natürlich auch in Blau für Jungs nähen
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