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Take hosting to new heights with a DIY tiered coffee tower. Fill with kitchen favorites like cream and sugar and get ready to impress. INSTRUCTIONS: Spray paint two candlestick holders of your choice to match 3 stacking trays or pie pans. Glue candlestick holders to bottom of the smallest and medium-sized pie pans and connect it to the top of the largest pan. Fill with all your coffee favorites.

Photo via: starbucks-ahc.integer.com

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Citronella is an effective deterrent to biting insects like mosquitoes and sand flies. Citronella essential oil when used as a spray-on repellent was 98% effective immediately after application. When applied to the skin at 3% concentration citronella was nontoxic and effective at ranges up to 98%. The active compounds in citronella oil for repelling mosquitoes are camphor, eucalyptol, eugenol, linalool, citronellal and citral.

Photo via: joybileefarm.com

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